As I already had a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion design, I thought it would be great to do my second bachelor around On. Students from the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance will perform choreographies by Noemi Lapzeson, Barak Marshall, Neel Verdoorn, Reenaud Wiser, and Gregor Zöllig. K: For my Bachelor’s thesis I re-created the On brochure, using a 3D program to transform the shoes into a “textile-landscape”. Master 2019. Der Bachelor-Film «Bićemo Najbolji» von Jelena Vujovic ist in der Kategorie «Bester Abschlussfilm» für den Prix du cinéma suisse / Schweizer Filmpreis / Premio del cinema svizzero nominiert. This is intended to counteract the decreasing interest in the course of therapy. Subtype is a new film subtitle font adapted to the medium, specifically designed for use on video and streaming platforms. Theatre education at ZHdK includes Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in acting, directing, … Film studieren heisst: Filme sehen, verstehen und machen. Die Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste ZHdK ist mit rund 2000 Studierenden und gegen 700 Dozierenden die groesste Kunsthochschule der Schweiz in Zuerich und bildet in den Bereichen Art Education, Design, Film… The ZHdK … I wanted to find out about how sports fashion is communicated and how it can be pushed and enhanced. In Caracas, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, violence is an immanent part of the everyday life of the Caraqueños. Tell us about what went in to organizing and planning? Förderpreis Bachelor Design. Its diverse range of degree and research programs include fine arts, design, film, music, dance, theatre and art education. So it happens that in a $250 million film production, you still come across a bizarrely distorted subtitle in Arial, banged at the bottom of the screen. 2010 - 2011 . Editorial means in the image are used excellently to convey a difficult topic. More than 26’000 students are enrolled in over 200 different bachelor… 2014 Bachelors of Arts in Film at ZHdk… Coincidentally he also wrote to me shortly after I had bought my first On shoes. Im Master erfolgt ein Studium in den Praxisfeldern Regie Spielfilm, Realisation Dokumentarfilm, Drehbuch, Kamera, Film … We took a close look at contemporary sport-fashion-brands to find out their ways of communicating their products. Film studieren an der ZHdK heisst, Filme zu machen, zu sehen und zu verstehen. «Rat's Nest» is an animated short film about self-esteem and self-acceptance. B&K: ...but, we are planning to do another project together, again in the field of fashion… you’ll have to wait and watch this space. 2006 - 2008 . Die … With around 2,800 Bachelor and Master students and 650 teaching staff, Zurich University of the Arts is one of the major universities of the arts in Europe. doesn't matter if Image, commercial, video, documentary, cinematography, kameraführung Bildgestaltung fiction, most important thing: lets make MOV/E - 2.06.2019. During my years at Shining Pictures I learnt the production side of film … Bachelor 2019. At that time, I was busy finding a topic for my bachelor thesis in Visual Communication at ZhdK. Das Praxisstudium umfasst einen Bachelor und einen Master of Arts. And yes, we were happy about the good feedback from mentors and delighted that the magazine Wallpaper picked my thesis to show it in its Graduate Directory 2017 - within the discipline of visual communication. B: The hardest part was that we had a strong deadline and only one chance to shoot and get it right – whatever the weather was like on shoot day would be it. «Skilfully visualizes the absurdity of our society's compulsion for self-optimization in the form of unconventionally beautiful objects. Disfunctional discourse objects». “Everything can be inspiring” Student portrait Jan Willem de With Jan Willem de With is from Hamburg/Lüneburg and lives in Zurich. Frustrated by her introversion, the protagonist Mia withdraws into a subway, which metaphorically stands for her emotional world. Brigitte suggested the Grimselpass with its imposing landscape and dams and we all thought it was the perfect mix of nature and artificiality plus a dash of “Swissness”. Unfortunately, despite their rich history, film subtitles have remained unformed and unaesthetic until today. ZHdK is one of four universities affiliated to Zürcher Fachhochschule. Application (October 2021) The programme starts every summer semester in … Every evening before bedtime, a chapter can be unlocked and something new can be learned about sleep. It was very important for me to find a location which suited the aesthetics of the renderings because I wanted to show them in the video, too. B&K: Yes, we run more since we’ve made the video - but still not that much. Since it has become the subject of economic and social debate, sleep has not found any rest. 1 talking about this. «Contemporary and ignored for far too long, an elegant balancing act between user*-friendliness and aesthetic demands. After a long and intensive discussion, the jury has agreed on the winners* of this year's promotional awards. Screening of «New World», a short film … 2020 hatte ein paar unerwartete Twists in seinem Drehbuch: Masken, Schutzkonzepte, Zoom-Calls, Online-Festivals, Verschiebungen von Drehs und Seminaren. Kathrin Grossenbacher // Brigitte Fässler, Textures were created from the visual patterning of the shoes and the landscapes. Julia Furer graduated with a Bachelor in Film from the Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU), Video Department in 2015. K: As we live in two different cities we communicated via Facebook and Skype. The Department of Performing Arts and Film offers professional training in dance, theatre, and film. Teaser: hierDiploma publication: hereFind the laudation here. Einen kleinen Einblick in ihre aktuelle Arbeit gibt uns Nura Eissa ⚒ vom kleinen Modell bis zum Grossen … The Bachelor’s programme in Composition for Film, Theatre and Media provides a broad and solid basic training and generally lasts 3 years. Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design, «print my sleep. 2013-2016: Specialization Photography, Bachelor of Arts in Media & Art at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) 2012: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at University of Zurich (UZH) 2009-2012: Studies of Sociology, Film … The Bachelors (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. ... 4th Arab Film … Sereina Rothenberger, Professor for design, founder of Design Studio Hammer and Alumna ZHdK.David Simon, Interaction Designer, founder Design Studio Dezentrum and alumnus ZHdK.Michaela Büsse, PhD Researcher Critical Media Lab, Alumna ZHdK.Philipp Meier, Social Media Editor and Content Curator at Zuberbühler, Industrial Designer, Head of BA & MA Design and Deputy Director DDE. Gianni Malfer, operative head of the Bachelor Contemporary Dance and Canadian student Julian Beairsto look back on nightly training sessions via Zoom and offer insights into the new everyday life of dancers at ZHdK. K: I’d say we were impressed with ourselves – with things like the spirit and energy of our small team. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihren Browser zur korrekten Anzeige dieser Webseite. «Outstanding processing of a very personal experience. In addition, the intuitive mediation through pictures reaches the target group. An application-film for ZHdK bachelor of arts 2014 24. february 2014 Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music (Akord Remix) A Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music remix by Akord. Der Bachelor of Arts in Film und der Master of Arts in Film bilden zusammen einen aufeinander aufbauenden Ausbildungsgang. The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland's largest university and belongs to Europe's most prestigious research institutions. The final product reflects the commitment of the two designers* to critically examine new technologies and apply them in a way that is appropriate for the target group.». Two design artists and filmmakers from Zurich created a piece of cinematography with On at its heart – we sat down with them to talk about their work. A study brochure can downloaded here. François Truffaut (1932–1984) Manifest. We congratulate the winners of the ZHdK sponsorship award as well as the designers of those diploma projects that received an honorable mention by the jury. During my Bachelor studies at ZHdK with a major in Style&Design, I started to work for student film projects, focusing on costume and styling. We sat with them both, Kathrin (K) … Due to the numerous excellent works, the jury would also like to give special mention to three other BA theses. I was fascinated about the technology story behind the brand and because of that, I actually bought my first On sneakers in December 2015. Production Assistant, Snapfilm AG. ... Nicole Foelsterl wins National Competition with her film "Eigentlich Vergangen"|| Vienna Shorts Festival: 28.05. In addition to teaching the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste operates (ZHdK… Let’s start right at the beginning: how did On get on your radar as the right fit for the project? Margarete Jahrmann (DR. PHIL. ... ZHdK … University of Zurich. Once again this year, the Department of Design is awarding the ZHdK Sponsorship Prize, which is endowed with CHF 5000, to a Bachelor's and a Master's thesis. A risk-taking work that speaks an independent design language and evades the pressure of a service.». K: In January 2016, On Co-Founder David Allemann wrote to ask me if I’d be interested in working in some way for On. SUCUK UND BRATWURST. «Journey to Recovery» is an app that uses a gripping story to improve the sleep quality of children after an accident and guides them through sleep therapy in a playful way. The course at Bachelor’s level is strongly focused on project and … Auch BA Film, Production Design lädt ein! K: Being a fashion designer, I came across On when I was doing my research. The ZHdK guaranteed in this way with more than 600 events each year a significant contribution to cultural activities of the city and region of Zurich. A courageous, ambitious and very own project.». The 20 works nominated by the … «This work impresses with its exemplary design process, in which everything was thought of, from the self-experiment with the sleep device, to the workshop with children, to the ambitious visual language. This is what we call "Visual Sport Translation"; it means that the sport shoes are communicated in an unusual way. The above is an incredible video made by two artists/designers/filmmakers from Zurich: Kathrin Grossenbacher from the ZHdK University and Brigitte Fässler. The work has a high artistic value.». More general information about the master studies at the ZHdK can be found here. On the other hand, we had to stay open to react to spur-of-the moment situations and changes, like bad weather, that were always a very real possibility. Titus Bütler (1987) grew up in Wohlen, AG. Through this, I developed an interest in film production and editing. MAG.ART., Professor for BA/ MA subject area in Game Design) is an artist, curator and researcher in activism, games & arts with an international record of exhibitions and … The result is a captivating and enthralling experience that motivates and supports the children on their way. He also cultivates interests for music and illustrations along side of film. Through his performance, he expresses his own vision and interpretation of the shoes creating something new, something which has an impact on the viewer and something which inspires him in turn. Instagram / Facebook. The UZH is a comprehensive university with 7 faculties and over 150 institutes. Projekte online. It is only after understanding conventional visualization that we could go beyond and develop our own new, and more interesting, ways and conceptions. From the choice of colours, through the metaphorics, the dramaturgy and last but not least the perfectly coordinated composition, the short film skilfully stages the protagonist's conflict. Her fears and insecurities acquire their own bodies and so the refuge turns out to be a rat's nest. Propädeutikum, ZHdK. Im Bachelor lernen die Studierenden von A bis Z, wie … There she encounters all the strange things that her subconscious has to offer. We (Kathrin and I) both thought that he would be perfect for our video and luckily for us, he thought the same thing and so from there we were able to plan it all out and work on it together. Projekte online. Im dreijährigen Bachelorstudium lenrnen und erleben die Studierenden, wie ein Film … When we started working on VisualSportTranslation we first tried to get an overview of the sports-fashion industry and their visual communication styles. Diesen Donnerstag ist Infotag Film an der ZHdK! Though I’m not a “runner” I still use them daily. B&K: The connection between fashion and visual communication fascinates us and we feel that it offers a large field of work with lots of potential in it. Some months before the project started, I happened to see a video with the dancer we ended up using - Dakota Simao – and was mesmerized by his incredible talent. Bachelor of Arts in Film, ZHdK, Schwerpunkt Script Consultant. In fact, on the shoot, we had to fight a very strong wind, but luckily, we were also overwhelmed/ inspired by the beauty of the dancer’s performance in the snow kicked up by the wind by night it was a blessing in the end. Objects of Desire. B&K: There is a lot of inspiration behind the video but also a lot of research. The star of the video is incredible – how did you find the dancer? Once again this year, the Department of Design is awarding the ZHdK Sponsorship Prize, which is endowed with CHF 5000, to a Bachelor's and a Master's thesis. B: For me as a filmmaker and photographer - with a focus on “stage photography/film” I was interested in creating a unique atmosphere and story – the shoes were perfect for a piece revolving around these themes. A hunt into the unknown follows and an encounter that encourages Mia to jump over her shadow. With a video like this, I imagine your professors were, for lack of a better word, “impressed”? Whether transfigured into a post-material luxury good, hailed as a tool for increasing efficiency or cursed as a wasted time - print my sleep translates the unconscious into dysfunctional objects. The above is an incredible video made by two artists/designers/filmmakers from Zurich: Kathrin Grossenbacher from the ZHdK University and Brigitte Fässler. Especially outstanding is the visualization of sounds, which was developed with and for deaf people». B: We were looking for someone doing some sort of “subculture” dance and doing it not only as a “dancer” but as a way of life. FUBU. The Bachelor of Arts in Film Department at Zurich University of the Arts on ZHdK offers Bachelor's and master's degree courses and further education programmes in art , design , music , art education , theatre , film … Bachelor of Arts in Primary … Diplompublikation 2019. There is a dancer instead of an athlete. Therefore, we planned everything very carefully: the storyboard, the location, the music – all of it. «An outstanding work, which is able to narrate the tightrope walk between violent images and the profound analysis of violence as a cultural phenomenon in a poetic way. Angeboten wird im Bachelor ein Grundlagenstudium Film oder Production Design. Project website: hereDiploma website Interaction Design: hereFind the laudation here. However, we love walking in On shoes. Ever since his first experimental short film, which he made in highschool, he has been fasinated by film. 2011 - 2012 . Through research on Instagram and on site, through workshops in Caracas and photography as a research medium, it becomes visible how the identity of a society is influenced and shaped by the daily confrontation with violence. Förderpreise Bachelor und Master Design 2020 vergeben. 17. september 2013 … B: And I am currently working on an audio-visual project which brings sound, digital art and film together. K: I have just worked for Claudiabasel and created the visual communication for the Doing Fashion Graduate Show 17 (the Institute of Fashion Design in Basel). What does the final video signify for you? SOPHIE KÄSER ___ Monday morning, 9 a.m., Dance Hall 2: just like every other day, ZHdK’s Bachelor … And after working with On for the project - do you run more now? The 20 works nominated by the disciplines were presented to the public this week via livestream by the nominees and evaluated by a jury. We then formed our team consisting of a dancer, a drone pilot and two people that ended up creating the incredible soundtrack for the end video. «PLOMO» uses visual ethnographic research to investigate the influence of violence on the aesthetics of everyday products, gestures, poses and things. We sat with them both, Kathrin (K) and Brigitte (B), to talk about their inspirations as to the video, how they made it all happen, and why they chose On to be a part of their work. We sent each other YouTube links and other sources of inspiration and gradually decided and agreed upon what we would like to do and how we would like to go about creating it. And finally, what advice would you give to those who want to create something like you have?